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Dear friends, welcome to Learn Real Spanish!!!

We are Goyaz Vázquez and Amaya Ugalde, co-founders of “Learn Real Spanish”. This website´s main goal is to help you with your Spanish speaking learning process.

Based on our own experience learning several languages, we are aware of how difficult is to learn a language by studying an enormous amount of grammar rules. Who hasn´t experienced the frustration of studying a language and not being able to communicate with native speakers in real life situations?

As language lover ourselves, we have used every learning method known to man before landing on the one- the one that really works! This Immersion Method is being used by thousands of people worldwide to successfully learn languages.

It doesn´t take a miracle to learn another language, It takes a personal commitment, motivation and, above all, patience. When you immerse yourself in a language, you are certain to learn it quickly and easily.

Learning another language trough the Immersion method is fascinating and rewarding experience that allows you to develop your understanding and speaking skills almost effortlessly. It´s addicting! We are passionate about the effectiveness of this method and enthusiastic to share with you.

Feel free to send us your questions, comments or thoughts about our “Spanish audio lessons” or any other queries you might have. We would love to hear from you. Your personal interest and experiences are important to us. We believe that each individual has unique ideas and background that can be shared and will ultimately benefit others as well.

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